Book Blitz w/ Giveaway: The Queen’s Gift by T.R. Allardice

The Queen’s Gift by T.R. Allardice
Date of Publication: December 15, 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
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Fifteen-year-old, late-bloomer Jean Elliott dreams of becoming a Genie like her mom. When her family relocates to Tokyo, Jean is forced to use sleight-of-hand tricks to fool everyone at school into believing that she’s a normal Preternatural or risk expulsion. When her power finally appears, it comes in the form of the Queen’s Gift–an unspeakable magic that strips power from all Preternaturals and heralds the arrival of the new queen.

After an absence of two hundred years, not everyone wants the monarchy to return and they’re willing to go to great lengths to keep the status quo. When buried secrets rip Jean’s family apart, she has a choice to make: Walk away and hope for the best or embrace the power that’s known to lead to madness in order to save her family.

Jean’s greatest dream has turned into her biggest nightmare and no matter how hard she tries, there’ll be no wishing the Queen’s Gift away.
The crowd thinned and a pale boy with long, greasy brown hair, drunkenly stumbled toward us. He swayed on his feet, teetering like a twirling nickel on the verge of toppling. His glowing red eyes clashed with his alabaster skin.

“He doesn’t look well.”

She shrugged. “Stefan’s a Vampire. I’m sure he’s fine.”

I didn’t think so, but I kept my mouth shut. I’d already upset her once. I didn’t want to do it again.

When we got closer, the vamp’s eyes rolled back in his head, leaving them zombie white. He crumbled to the marble floor in a heap of pale flesh. His face hit last with a loud splat.

Blood gushed out, forming a puddle. The smell of wet pennies filled the air. My stomach flopped and I moved back. No way was I going to hurl on my first day of school. “What’s wrong with him?”

Karen glanced at Stefan, boredom plainly scribbled on her face. No one else paid any attention to him other than to step over his thin body. Several people tracked his blood down the hall without breaking in conversation.

This place wasn’t a school. I’d landed in a house of horrors. “Shouldn’t we call for help?” My voice squeaked.

Karen’s nostrils flared and her stomach growled as she leered at the blood. “It happens all the time with leeches. You’ll get used to it.” She forced her gaze away. “Stefan must’ve forgot to get his iron shot from the school nurse this morning. Mr. Bastock should be along shortly to clean him off the floor.”

What was she talking about? He wasn’t a spilled soda. The guy needed help, not a thorough scrubbing. I hoped the man coming was some kind of doctor. The small puddle of blood turned into a crimson lake within seconds. How much blood could he lose before it would be too much?

Karen’s stomach gurgled, then roared. Several students scrambled out of the way. I froze, afraid to move. Only prey ran.

“Excuse me.” She hurriedly wiped her face with the back of her hand, but in her haste she’d missed a speckle of drool clinging to the side of her mouth.

My stomach clenched tighter and I nearly lost my breakfast. “Who’s Mr. Bastock?” I asked to take my mind off barfing.

“He’s our janitor,” she said. “He comes from a long line of South African dung beetles. He loves cleaning up crap, literally.” She looked past me. “Here he is now.”

A lanky man with four spindly arms, a bulbous nose, and jet-black hair scurried forward, pulling a squeaky, three-wheeled cart behind him. The cart held a bucket of clear water, along with a few cleaning supplies. A mop poked out of the bucket. Its handle slid side-to-side, leaving a trail of water on the floor behind him.

Mr. Bastock stared at Stefan, tsked, then rolled him into a ball and plucked him off the floor as if he weighed no more than a Cheeto. He tossed Stefan over the cart like a dirty rag and picked up one of the cleaners. He sprayed the contents on the floor, then grabbed the mop, wrung it out, and began to scrub. Within seconds, the floor was spotless and a lingering antiseptic smell was the only indication that anything had occurred.

He took a moment to admire his work, then stowed his equipment before wheeling the limp vamp off toward the elevators.

“Told you,” Karen said. “I would’ve thought you’d be used to leech strangeness by now. Stefan Franks can’t be the first one you’ve seen faint.”

I watched the elevator doors open and close, then took a deep breath and met her gaze. “We didn’t have a lot of Vampires at my last school.” It was the truth, sort of. Truth was, we didn’t have any.

Outside of books, Vampires didn’t exist in Common schools.

Mom said she’d kept me in human schools because she wanted me to learn about Commons firsthand, but I think the real reason was because she didn’t want me to feel different. And I hadn’t. I’d never had to worry about slip-ups, Preter social interactions, or anything...until now.

That didn’t mean I was entirely sheltered. Mom insisted that I read a lot of books. My academic knowledge of Preters was sound, but nothing beat experience.

“No Vampires?” Karen burst out laughing.

The sound startled me. It was the second scariest sound a Ghoul made. According to the textbooks, chewing was first.

“You must’ve gone to a small school.”

I nodded. Silent lies were still lies.

“I hope you’re not expecting the vamps to sparkle or explode into flames in the sunlight. If so, you’re going to be really disappointed. About the only thing that happens to a leech in sunlight is they break out in hives. So not attractive.” She sobered, then added, “But I wouldn’t hook up with one, if I were you. They do still bite.”

“Thanks for the tip.”

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About the Author:

T.R. Allardice writes young adult, new adult, and humorous horror stories. Most of what she writes incorporates several genres. The content won't always be 'safe'. What's the fun in that? She is a member of the Horror Writer's Association, Novelist Inc. and the Author's Guild. She has thirty-one books published under another pen name. To find out more about her upcoming work, go to:

Author links:

Book Blitz w/ Giveaway: Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash

Love & Other Lies by Madeline Ash
Date of Publication: January 20, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Buy from: Amazon

Small town vet Abby Benson has fled to the country to put her shameful past behind her. She’s just beginning to find her feet again when handsome stranger, Rue Thorn, arrives in town and begins to stir things up. Rue is gorgeous, kind and thoughtful and the two share an instant attraction.  But convinced he’ll despise her if he learns about her history, Abby reluctantly keeps him at arms length.

Determined to win Abby over, Rue tries to reshape himself as the sort of guy he thinks she might be interested in. And for a while it seems his act is working.  But when he finds out that Abby has been lying to him, it isn’t long before everything start to unravel …

A moving story of trust, forgiveness and the power of love from the author of Uncovered by Love and The Playboy’s Dark Secret.
Wednesday morning, Abby checked her watch as she hurried out of the bakery, paper bag in hand, ten minutes late for work. All Rue’s fault. If he would stop being seen around town – browsing the market, enquiring about nature walks, eating lunch with a healing Spindle in tow – everyone would leave her alone. But this was the third morning in a row that she’d been sidled up to and asked whether he’d persuaded her yet.

These people seriously had no shame.

She slid the change into her wallet and glanced up to see Rue leaning against her four-wheel drive, parallel parked on Main Street. She halted, stomach hitching. He was looking away, one ankle crossed over the other, hands in the pockets of those faded denim jeans. He wore sunglasses, the burnt brown lenses and thin gold rims working with the dishevelled hair to push him into clandestine superstar territory.

He’d been detected. Curious faces peered through shop windows, and Tanya loitered on the street corner, typing on her phone with eyes set on Rue. When she noticed Abby, she gave an outrageously obvious wink.

This was going to necessitate an official change in her working hours.

Abby hadn’t seen Rue since he’d visited the vet. Two days with nothing but a light on across the street to show he was still in town. Two days to remember how darkly she could hurt people and know for absolute certain she couldn’t run the risk of hurting him too.

As she considered hightailing it, he spotted her. He pushed off the car and started towards her. His walk was smooth, assured. The possibility that he was going to ask her out again sent nerves sprinting from her heart to her toes and back again.

She would have to say no.

No to that determined stare meeting hers as he shoved his shades onto his head. No to that kind heart and beautiful body. No to everything she wanted. Just no.

When he was a few strides away, she inhaled. ‘Rue—’

‘Hold that thought,’ he murmured as he reached her, sliding a hand behind her head and bringing his mouth down to hers.

Startled, Abby dropped the bakery bag. His body came closer, hand still cradling the back of her neck, the other skimming down her waist to tug her fully against him. Heat and contact met her skin and shot deeper, raging in her chest, tangling in the base of her stomach. He slanted his head and the warmth of his mouth shifted, tongue sliding over her bottom lip, not demanding entrance, but working for it. Working, playing, teasing – whatever he was doing, he did it like no man had before.

She could smell his skin. Hear the pounding of her pulse. His thumb caressed the hollow behind her ear and the tenderness of that touch tore through her body like a scream.

Deafened by it, she opened her mouth and drew him in.

His taste was an ache against her tongue, so pure and perfect that she missed it even as he pushed deeper. She circled her arms around his middle, holding on, feeling her breasts and belly and thighs press against muscle. She felt like she could never speak again and that would be all right, if she could stay right here. No lies, no restraint, just Rue’s kiss and the truth of her body’s response.

He’d probably be okay with that.

Those wide hands slid down to grasp her hips. Holding her steady, he broke away from her mouth and kissed up and along her right cheekbone. Abby closed her eyes as his lips reached her ear, tingles breaking out down her spine.

‘I hardly know you,’ he murmured, nudging the curl of her ear with his nose. ‘So how is it that I feel like I’ll always know you?’

She didn’t speak. Didn’t dare.

‘I can feel you in my head,’ he said, forehead on her temple. ‘You make me feel like there’s something urgent I haven’t done yet, and I can’t put my finger on what it is, but every day that I get closer to leaving this place, I get more uneasy. So I need to do something about it. About you.’

His mouth found hers again and it occurred to Abby that everything Rue knew about her was real. There was a pit of things he didn’t know – but the things he did know, those were real.

She had never kissed a man who knew real things about her.

He pulled back again, tucking hair behind her ear, and her pulse tumbled. ‘You must like being the subject of gossip,’ she murmured.

His back was to the street. A sparkle lit his eyes. ‘Observers?’


‘All armed with opinions about such a lascivious public event?’

‘Over-armed, I imagine.’

‘Friday,’ he said. ‘I’ll pick you up at seven.’

‘About that—’

‘Okay, seven-thirty.’ Then, as suddenly as he’d kissed her, he lowered his sunglasses and turned away, cutting past the delighted spectators. Abby watched his retreat, breath short. Arousal kneaded at her body from the inside out, like greedy fingers reaching after him.

As far as truth went, her response to Rue was absolute. It felt whole and untainted, pounding hot through her veins. It felt honest.

‘Well,’ she said, accepting her fate. ‘Seven-thirty, then.’

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About the Author:

Madeline lives and writes in Melbourne. She is an author with Destiny Romance and Tule Publishing.

Online, she calls home, although she does have capricious blogging tendencies so might not always have fresh tea ready for visitors. That's not to say she doesn't welcome company.

She writes contemporary romance.

Author links:

Book Blitz w/ Giveaway: Blood, Milk, and Chocolate by Cameron Jace

Blood, Milk, and Chocolate by Cameron Jace
Series: The Grimm Diaries # 3
Date of Publication: January 19, 2015
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Young Adult
Buy from: Amazon

I have been accused of being malicious and evil.

I, the Snow White Queen, have a story to tell.

The true story and what has really happened. How it all happened. Why the Brothers Grimm altered the truth, letting you think it was a fairy tale. When and how the tale took place. And above all, why I did what I did. Why you haven’t been told the truth for centuries. The truth about me and the truth about the not-so-innocent Snow White.

Here is my side of the story. You will never look at Snow White the same way again.
The day I was born, a single red apple grew on a juniper tree in our castle's garden.

A Blood Apple.

It was a rare fruit; the most sought after in Europe at the time. An apple of unmatched sweetness and unearthly ripeness. Some claimed it could cure the sick and enrich the poor, grant children to the sterile, and keep the soul guarded from demonic possessions. Its rarity and taste made it comparable with gold and diamonds, if they were edible. There was a well-known saying: "A Blood Apple a day keeps all Sorrow away." Few people knew why the word "sorrow" had always been capitalized in this sentence. I learned why many years later.

The single, delicious Blood Apple that grew on my birthday was even rarer. This one was the first to grow in my homeland, Styria, in seven years.

A nameless witch—we did not speak her name—had cursed my homeland in Western Europe many years before. Every time a tree gave birth to an apple, it came out grey, rotten, and infested with worms. No amount of magic or prayers managed to lift up the curse. They said the witch was the mother of all witches, that she was darker than the darkest shades of night. For reasons beyond me, she had cursed us with no intention to relieve us from her wicked omen, ever.

All of this changed the day I blossomed from my mother's womb into this life. No one knew how it was possible, or why it happened. Everyone said I was going to be a special princess who'd prosper and grow and maybe rule Styria one day.

The servants in our castle drooled at the sight of the single red and ripe apple. They stared at it as if it were the fountain of youth that could quench their thirst and wet their seven-years-long dried souls. Some of the servants sank to their knees and thanked Pomona, the Goddess of Fruits whom no one had ever seen, for her blessings.

But only fools thanked Pomona, for the rest of our land knew it was me who had saved them. I possessed the power to defy "the witch whose name we don't speak."

The birth of me, Carmilla Karnstein, daughter of Theodora and Philip II, was a miracle like no other in centuries. I came to this world with a revelation, a sign, and some kind of rapture: the first Blood Apple in seven years.

Little did I know then that it wasn't a lucky coincidence, that I wasn't just a fairy tale made up by the poor and wishful peasants of Europe. How would I have known that I was part of the universe's plan in an eternal feud between good and evil?

The arrival of a beautiful child, the blossoming of apples, and the end of a curse were only a prelude to an epic tale of love and sorrow.

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About the Author:

Wonderlander, Neverlander, Unicorn-chaser, enchanter, musician, survived a coma, & totally awesome. Sometimes I tell stories. Always luv the little monsters. I write young adult paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and science fiction mostly. The Grimm Diaries series is a seven book saga that deals with retellings of fairy tales from a young adult POV - it connects most of the fairy tales together and claims to be the truth about fairy tales.      I live in San Fransisco and seriously think circles are way cooler than triangles.

Author Links:

Cover Characteristic # 86: Sand

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This week's theme is all about:


Date of Publication: November 5, 2013
Buy from: Amazon , Barnes & Noble

A fun, action-packed novella, perfect for teenage Percy Jackson fans, starring favorite characters from Greek mythology and beloved author Tera Lynn Childs's Oh. My. Gods. series. Told from the perspective of Nicole, a popular character in the series, Goddess in Time delves into her past—and how she might be able to change it.

The 150-page digital novella has been eagerly anticipated by fans who want to know more about this fun-filled world, and new readers will also find a captivating introduction to Tera Lynn Childs' Oh. My. Gods. series, as well as her other Greek mythology-based series, Sweet Venom and Forgive My Fins.

As a descendant of Greek gods, Nicole has attended the Academy alongside other students with magical powers on a Greek island. Life is pretty perfect—except for the fact that she was sentenced to stay there because of a childhood prank that also resulted in her parents' banishment. When Nicole discovers a book that teaches the forbidden magic of time travel, she knows she must take a chance to right her wrong. With the help of her friends Troy and Phoebe, Nicole sets off on a quest that will take her from the heights of Mt. Olympus to the ocean depths of Poseidon's home and to the bowels of Hades. Can she mend her mistakes? And is changing the past, what she really wants? The past and future combine in thrilling, unpredictable ways—especially when Greek gods are involved!

Expected Date of Publication: May 5, 2015
Pre-Order from: Amazon , Barnes & Noble

Sunbathing, surfing, eating funnel cake on the boardwalk—Lucy loves living on the Jersey Shore. For her, it's not just the perfect summer escape, it is home. And as a local girl, she knows not to get attached to the tourists. They breeze in over Memorial Day weekend, crowding the shore and stealing moonlit kisses, only to pack up their beach umbrellas and empty promises on Labor Day. Lucy wants more from love than a fleeting romance, even if that means keeping her distance from her summertime neighbor and crush, Connor.

Then Superstorm Sandy tears apart her barrier island, briefly bringing together a local girl like herself and a vacationer like Connor. Except nothing is the same in the wake of the storm. And day after day, week after week, Lucy is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and broken home. Now with Memorial Day approaching and Connor returning, will it be a summer of fresh starts or second chances?

Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
Date of Publication: July 16, 2013
Buy from: Amazon , Barnes & Noble

It's Spring Break of senior year. Anna, her boyfriend Tate, her best friend Elise, and a few other close friends are off to a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives. But when Elise is found brutally murdered, Anna finds herself trapped in a country not her own, fighting against vile and contemptuous accusations.

As Anna sets out to find her friend's killer; she discovers hard truths about her friendships, the slippery nature of truth, and the ache of young love.

As she awaits the judge's decree, it becomes clear that everyone around her thinks she is not just guilty, but dangerous. When the truth comes out, it is more shocking than one could ever imagine...

Date of Publication: April 15, 2013
Buy from: Amazon

Bound to the water bound to land, a Siren’s soul will never be safe on either side of the ocean’s surface. Hidden beneath the rolling waves lies the secret to Theia’s past and as she unveils each haunting truth, she realizes the last seventeen years of her life have been a lie. Now, drawn into a mysterious new world and with nowhere to turn, Theia must place her trust in Luc, a beautiful boy who stops her heart with each dazzling smile, but even his unearthly charm can’t hide the truth—he has secrets— dark secrets binding him to his world—an underwater world where Theia will never belong—a world determined to destroy her soul.

Date of Publication: July 26, 2011
Buy from: Amazon

When our era ends, theirs begins.

After moving to the city of Austin, Rini CardoƱa stumbles upon a handsome young man and his clan who are taking refuge in our world from their hidden homeland of MUNDAHLIA and its ruthless king who has set up a game between his many children. Whoever can bring the family back to be tried and executed shall receive the crown once he passes.

Upon finding their hide out, Bane--one of the King's sons, and on a hunt to win the crown--seizes an opportunity to shatter the forbidden blossoming relationship, lure the clan back to Mundahlia, and frame Rini for the murder of a Mundahlian. Thus, breaking the pact signed long ago with the humans and the legendary hybrid creatures, and reigniting an ancient war for the majority of land and control.

In this first book in The Mundahlian Era series, read of how our human-dominant era will end, and how a new one shall begin.
A Mundahlian Era.

I really love the sand color, though I am not sure if it really is sand.
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